Monday, April 26, 2010

C Day plus seven...and we really are there on the interior

Over the past week, Site Supervisor II and the other guys have been working away on all the little bitty punch list items. They really are all pretty small beer, and most of them have been despatched with little effort. I reckon that, of the list we compiled on Wednesday/Thursday, SS2 had tackled about 75% by the end of Friday. We added maybe a half dozen more over the weekend, but it is trivial stuff.

On the exterior, we've been waiting for the brown coat of the stucco to cure/dry. The brown coat is the second coat of stucco, so called because once upon a time it was made from dirt taken from the lot. These days it is a cement mix, but the name sticks. The final, finish coat is due to be applied on Wednesday this week, weather permitting. (Unbelieveably, we are scheduled to have another day or two of rain.) When that has been allowed to cure for a week or two, the painters will be able to come in to do the exterior paint. We're having the exterior done in a combination of Swiss Coffee (white) for the trim and Brewster Grey (a blue grey) for the walls.

On Saturday a subcontractor was out putting gutter guards on all the gutters, to stop them filling up with tree needles etc. He came out with two buckets of baby pigeons that he'd rescued from another job. The kids were entranced to watch him feed the babies with baby rice from a syringe. Little Starlet was brave enough to pick one up.

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