Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Forbidden Forest

We are having a new bout of madness. Hubby saw a house for sale up on Skyline that he thought looked pretty interesting. We went to see it, thinking about buying it for a weekend home, but it turned out to be too small for our purposes (which would involve having space for 20 people to sleep!). The realtor let slip that she had a parcel of 40 acres of undeveloped land also for sale, so we asked to see that.

Long story short, we fell in love with it. It is heavily wooded. A former logging area, there has clearly been no forest management for at least 50 years. The place is a tinder box, a potential wildfire hazard...but still.

Hubby is getting back to his family roots, clearly. As we have discovered from our family history work, many of his Scottish relatives farmed around 40 acres in the Highlands during the 19th century. Just as Dr Mom's brother has gone back to the family roots (in that case, canals) by moving onto a narrow boat, so Hubby seems to want to return to crofting (of a sort).

We have made an offer on the land, which has been accepted. Hubby has consulted with a well digger and a septic system creator. We have also taken one builder up there to discuss the feasibility of building (OK), and consulted with our Architect from the remodel, whom we are inclined to use again for this project.

We have a great heap of books and magazines in hand about green building, modern cabins, and sustainable building.

So it seems all systems go. One fly in the today's ointment is that the question of the legality of the parcel is not proving as easy to establish as one might hope. Both the seller's realtor and our realtor are working on establishing the legal title to the plot. Clearly we won't be buying it if that doesn't work out 100% perfectly. Watch this space.

Indeed, watch this space for a whole new phase of Four Go Mad in a Cardboard Box. Except the new box may be made out of metal. We'll have to wait and see!

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