Thursday, November 19, 2009

And the walls go up

We seem to be spending a lot of time at the doctor's surgery this week, with Hubby's head, so I'm not so quite in the swing of keeping up with this blog. But here's a recap for the past couple of days...

Yesterday the guys from Jim's Bunch finished putting hardboard onto the floor joists of the office/laundry. The framing subcontractors also put up most of the framing for the bathroom/bedroom addition.

Today they are completing the framing for the closets in the bedroom. Today they are working on the framing at the office/laundry, and it is going up very fast. The kids are impressed by the large, loud nail gun - Little Starlet wondered if we could get one for us to use - and are enjoying seeing what a house looks like from the "skeleton" inside.

After the guys had cleared up yesterday I went outside for a peek at what they'd been doing, and was alarmed to see what looked like a gable end going up over the dining room. On the plans the dining room roof is a smooth incline down, no pointy bits.
So I emailed The Architect to register my concern, and she was straight on the phone to the Site Supervisor to prevent any further work in that area until she had been able to see it today. Turns out that they were experimenting: The plans call for a tie in to bring four planes of roof together, and the construction crew is concerned that it can't really happen in the way that the plans envisage. They consulted the structural engineer and he suggested this way forward. Well, this morning the Architect climbed up onto the roof with Achilles and the Site Supervisor, and after some viewing and discussion declared that this additional gable end approach was not the way we intended to go. So they will be dismantling that tomorrow! (I enjoyed watching her up on the roof telling the guys to stick with doing what they've been told - "I have lots of insurance" she said.)

We had our weekly meeting today - including with Jim himself - to discuss outstanding issues. Most of them seem to involve questions around the intersection of the landscaping design with the construction, so the onus is on us to conclude the landscape design discussions. We still need to choose the washer and dryer, and think more about the blessed medicine cabinets.

Lots of activity at the Cardboard Box today. Lucky really, as it is probably going to rain tomorrow, and next week is Thanksgiving, so for most of the week the Cardboard Box will be a scene of silence.

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