Monday, November 30, 2009

Eights week begins

Or more specifically, the eighth week of our remodel. But I thought some of my loyal readers (hello Kim) might like the Oxford reference. And I also thought it was time to bring the blog up to date so that other loyal readers (hello Mom) don't think I've fallen off the face of the planet. So...

Last week included the Thanksgiving holiday. Jim's bunch were here with the framing guys on Monday and Tuesday, but there was little activity on Wednesday and, of course, nothing at all on Thursday and Friday. So quite little to report.

The guys completed the sheathing of the bedroom/bathroom addition. They also opened out a nice big slice of the family room roof and began the framing/tie in of the addition roof. Photos here of the bedroom from outside and through the door looking at the roof tie in.

Photos here of the hole in the roof of the family room. When we sit in the remainder of the family room to watch TV, there is an interesting sense of being in a tent, as the road noise is much louder than you'd expect, and the plastic dust wall billows gently in the breeze. We've bought an oil radiator, though, so the temperature isn't too bad.

On Friday it rained a lot. The fact that there was no tarpaulin over the aforementioned roof hole was of some concern to us, but we took a look at the construction area and decided it could be lived with. There are now so many holes in the family room floor in that area that any pooling water would just drain away. It was a shame to see all the timber and sheathing getting soggy, but luckily the weather was lovely on Saturday and Sunday. Everything just dried out again.

Today the guys completed the framing of the office/laundry addition, and also framed the wall dividing the two new rooms. Progress suddenly seems slower, but I wasn't around today to see how many workers were on the project. I saw Achilles here this morning before I went out, so there is obviously supervision taking place.

Still no word from The Arborist on the Monterey Pine. Here's a factoid for you: The pine is 11 feet 13 inches in circumference. That's a big tree.

More material from the Landscaper Designer, bids for the hardscaping. I haven't yet felt strong enough to open them. I suspect the numbers will be larger than we had previously imagined could be possible. Also more material from The Architect relating to the kitchen cabinets. Much discusion of the location of the garbage and recycling bins; and do we want to be able to see all the little holes in the adjustable shelves, or do we want the adjustment to be limited to a couple of places in order to eliminate the holiness...? Finding it hard to care about that one. We have our regular site meeting with The Architect and the guys from Jim's Bunch on Thursday, and the Landscaper will be joining us; so I guess we have to find the inner strength to look at all this.

I keep telling myself that there can't be many more decisions we have to make. Wishful thinking, eh?

Still no sign of new neighbors in the recently sold house next door.

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