Monday, November 23, 2009

Starting to look like real rooms

Rain stopped play on Friday afternoon, so a bit of a hiatus in the recording. On Sunday we took an illicit tour of the rooms under construction. Here is a picture of the new office from the inside. Hubby is worried that the large window is too low, but I expect it will be fine once the window itself is inserted. Also it will be nice to have something lovely to look at through that window. Baggsey that desk for me.

Progress is good on the bedroom/bathroom addition. The guys have started to add hardboard sheathing to the framing. They were about a third done by the time it started to rain on Friday.

You can also see, in this photo, the framing for the closets in the bedroom. Photo taken through what will be a sliding door into the side yard.

Finally, we are now enjoying the health-giving effects of having a number of large holes in the walls of our house. No problems with ventilation for the tumble dryer in the garage, as most of the adjoining wall is missing; and the family room has good air circulation too since the guys pulled the corner of the house. They've also taken out most of the framing from inside the family room bathroom/closet area, and installed a pillar to hold the roof/ceiling up.

I am still waiting to hear from the Arborist about the permit for the Monterey Pine. In other news, Hubby and I finally got round to discussing the landscaping plans, and he doesn't like quite a lot of them, so I shall be needing to communicate that to the Landscape Designer. We have also selected our new washer and dryer (both Bosch, front loaders, to be stacked in the new laundry) and I am deep in consideration of the shop drawings for the new kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately our printer is refusing to talk to our computer, so I can't print out the many pages of plans; which is making the consideration pretty tricky. Tech support - aka Hubby - admits that he has probably done something to cause the breakdown in this high tech relationship, but he was too busy to fix it. Grr.

Hubby is doing much better today and has headed into the office away from the construction noise. Alas Little Starlet is suffering from Mondayitis and is in bed with a declared tummy ache.

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  1. Why can't they keep hammering in the rain? Do Californian nails rust faster than English ones? Or was it, like, really BIG rain?