Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Crack is Back

Alas, the crack in the bath has returned. Our Architect and I were pottering around the house admiring the near completion of it all, and sadly spotted that the orange web was back in the bottom of the bath. We speculated whether the man from Kohler had simply scrubbed the bottom of the tub down and removed the orange, rather than actually trying to fix anything.

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  1. Further discussion with SS2 revealed that the Kohler rep had scrubbed down the tub and applied sealant to the enamel, claiming that this would prevent any further leakage of the maddening orange. Clearly that didn't work. SS2 says that the alternative is a complete refinish of the bath tub, which takes about two days and is very smelly. We've requested that it happen next week after our guests have left.