Sunday, June 27, 2010

Smooth, smooth, dig

The landscapers have been hard at it all week, but we can't see a lot of progress. They have been digging many holes and filling them back in again. They have also been adding soil, smoothing soil, digging hole, smoothing soil, digging hole, smoothing soil.... A lot of soil smoothing.

The plants arrived during the week, but are still sitting around the garden in pots. We seem to be missing some stuff, like two of the mandarin orange trees from the side fence and the olive tree for the front yard.

The Landscape Designer was here on Thursday and claimed that the outdoor kitchen was to be finished on Friday, but all that happened on Friday was that another hole was drilled in the counter top to enable an electrical wire to run from the rotisserie to the outlet under the counter. Warming drawer, cooler drawer, towel drawer and trash can still to be installed. Faucet on the sink, still to be installed. Cover for the sink, still to be created.

Hubby is on the verge of a massive wobbly.

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