Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grilling Tonight!

Well, almost.

A scene of high excitement at the Cardboard Box today. Phil the Appliance Guy was here with his fabricated stainless steel pieces and installed the warming drawer, cooler drawer, towel holder and trash drawer. All we need now is the tap and the sink cover. (And I think we also need the power to be switched on, but presumably that's a minor thing - and, of course, the charcoal grill requires no power.)

The two stones in the back yard that had been replaced because of scratching were replaced again. The first substitutes had been completely wrong. The new ones are completely right.

The landscapers were hard at it digging holes for the plants, and even managed to get a dozen into the ground. Their technique is clearly to dig a hole the right size for every plant, and then to go round again actually planting.

Today's big check: $20,000 for the landscaper for progress payment #2.

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