Thursday, January 28, 2010

Activity Explosion

The rain finally stopped yesterday morning and we suddenly saw an explosion of activity in and around the Cardboard Box.

First, the windows that have been patiently sitting in the garage have been installed. We are now fully fenestrated, both in walls and roof.

Second, the kitchen demolition was completed. Floor totally gone. The central island wall has been moved about two inches to give more space between the refrigerator wall and the center island (so that Hubby and I will need to engage in less physical contact whilst cooking and cleaning up).

Third, the dry wallers (that's plasterers to the Brits out there) have appeared in the kitchen to repair the walls. They have incredibly funky stilts for plastering the upper parts of the wall, like prosthetic lower legs. Fabulous, I am sure the kids would like some.

Fourth, the kitchen cabinets have arrived and are in the garage awaiting installation.

Fifth, the landscapers are trenching in the front yard with great vigor. They are laying drainage pipes.

Sixth, the pool people are out back putting the new Connecticut blue stone coping around the edge of the pool. Mike the Pool explained that this will be the last thing they do until the rest of the hardscaping is in. They'll be back to plaster the pool, fill it, brush it and install the cover later in the process.

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but that seems like a fair bit to me.

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