Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pack Up Your Troubles

We are busily packing the kitchen away today. Hubby is on his second trip to the storage unit with boxes and boxes of stuff. Deep Thought has been delegated to sort out the food cupboard, so she is delving into the back of the cupboard, checking sell-by dates, asking "why did you ever buy this?" and putting food into two boxes: Keep and Store. I am heroically going through our three junk drawers - down to the last one now, and I haven't yet filled up one box....which makes you wonder quite what was in there.

Like moving house, doing a remodel makes you go through all your Stuff and Sort It All Out. This is a good thing, and cheaper than moving house for the same process. It should also have the beneficial result that, once the remodel is over, and we have acquired multiple new storage areas, we will not be filling them up instantly with junk we never use.

The weather yesterday was rainy, as it is today. No visible activity in the Carboard Box, but I imagine that there was a bit of indoor work going on, as the plumber was around.

The kitchen demolition begins on Monday.

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