Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bring on the Ark

Truly astonishing amounts of water falling from the sky today. Enormous puddles all around our house, some of them inches deep. The "empty" pool has about two feet of water sitting in the bottom. Even so, there are builders hammering away in the bedroom addition. What can they be doing?

I had a meeting this morning with the Arborist and the Landscape Designer. We went over his invoices, which hadn't made a lot of sense, and worked them through as both a work order and a math problem. We eventually made sense of them and I wrote him a check for $7,779.40. (I particularly liked the 40c.) The Arborist's firms work is good, but the office is clearly a bit on the flakey side. The Landscape Designer gave him a hard time and, to his credit, he did not roll over and die, which he might have done since she puts a fair bit of work his way.

After he went away, the Landscape Designer showed me samples of the stone veneer for the BBQ island and a selection of granite choices for the countertop. I agreed to the stone veneer - I think it will look quite classy - and chose a grey and black speckled, honed granite for the counter top. She offered to leave the samples for Hubby to see, but I said no, take them away!

Ooh, thunder.

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