Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The rain continues to pour. Here's a photo of the side yard. Nice puddles, eh? At breakfast this morning we reviewed our respective dreams. I had been eaten by a whale. Little Starlet claimed to have been chased by a giant. Deep Thought merely bemoaned getting no sleep at all, no none at all, at least not until 1am. Anyway, I presume that our dreams reflect the thunder and lightening that energised the night sky.

Much to my surprise, some of the construction crew are here. Site Supervisor II came in to talk about the choices for location of heating registers (that's vents to my British readers), particularly in the family room. My only view was that I did not want them set in the floor - things tend to fall down them - so we agreed to put at least one in the toe kick under the window seat drawers.

Gosh, it's this kind of intellectual stimulation that keeps me so interesting.

On the bright side, the windows are apparently being delivered later today. SSII says that they won't attempt to install today as it is too wet, but at least they are here almost a week earlier than the schedule says. Or is that back on the original schedule. Well, something like that.

I am at home waiting for the delivery of the wine refrigerators. In the traditional way, I have a four hour window in which to twiddle my thumbs.

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