Sunday, January 24, 2010

Empty, Echoing Anticipation

We spent the whole day - again - packing up the kitchen. It's amazing what we found. Even Hubby thought it was a sad reflection of the consumerist society. It's not quite that we buy things we don't need and never use; it's that we buy things, use them, then they get lost in the cupboard and so we buy them again.

Deep Thought found six cans of cocoa powder, all still in date.

This is in contrast to the pasta and canned soup that we had to throw out because it was six months or more past its sell by date. And, let's face it, those are the kind of items that have sell by dates years in the future. You can tell how long they had been lost in the pantry. Fortunately our new cabinets are scheduled to have lovely roll-out shelves, making the missing-in-action soup a thing of the past.

Many, many boxes have gone over to the storage unit. Hubby is reflecting on the slight ache in his back and the large pile of black bags lurking next to the garbage cans. We have five boxes of food and eating equipment in the dining room, together with the slow cooker, toaster, kettle and two large wine refrigerators still in their boxes and up on pallets. Cosy.

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