Thursday, February 11, 2010

More doors

I went out all day yesterday as the construction works were so intrusive just about everywhere in and around the house. The kitchen is going along well - the floor is nearly done, the countertops are in with the cooktop back in place. The guys from Jim's Bunch have been working away on the new exterior doors. Here is a picture of them working in our living room. I think it has an interesting "Psycho" feel to it.


  1. How do the fish feel about the renovations???

  2. They tend to lie at the bottom of the tank all day. I fear they are cowering, as the vibrations are no doubt horribly amplified by the water. In the evening they come out and skip around, looking pretty happy. No one has died during the building work (so far), so things can't be too bad in the land of fish.