Thursday, February 25, 2010

Turning up the Snugness

As well as all the doors being removed and replaced over the past two weeks, the guys from Jim's Bunch have also leapt ahead with the window replacements.

All the new exterior doors - except for the laundry room's dutch door, which hasn't yet been delivered - have been installed. They also lack hardware.

More impressively, the guys have replaced the glass in all the fixed pane windows so that we are now double-glazed (dual-paned) throughout the house. For the first couple of days it felt a little drafty. To replace the glass, the trim has to be prised off, and that process seems to leave small gaps. Over the past couple of days the workmen have been adding new trim to each window; and that seems to have made the house feel positively snug.

Photos here of our family room from the outside and living room from the inside.

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