Thursday, February 25, 2010

The New Faucet

I am about to post some photos of the kitchen. It is very important to remember that the whole kitchen remodel started because one of our taps had a crack in it and needed to be changed. As a result of that need, we first decided to reface the cabinets. That turned out to be just as expensive as buying new ones, so we decided to go for new. We planned to reuse our Corian countertops. After a long delay, it turned out that no one would be willing to do that job because of liability concerns, so we decided to go for new. And at the eleventh hour, the fact that our most environmentally-interested friend said she thought we'd be daft not to change out the floor persuaded us to replace that too. So, for one dripping tap, we give you - THE NEW KITCHEN.

I thought the replacement faucet merited a blog entry all of its own.

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