Friday, February 12, 2010

Progress in the bathroom too

The kitchen isn't the only place where things are moving ahead well. On Thursday afternoon I was able to get a look at the bedroom/bathroom addition. The sheet rock is all done - Site Supervisor II said the guys were just finishing the "mud" (which is the compound they add to the walls to bind the edges of the sheet rock together so there are no crevices).

The bathtub enclosure had been framed and the tub put in place. Site Supervisor II was incensed to discover a footprint in the bathtub and swore he'd string up whoever did it. The hot mopped shower pan had passed it's inspection the day before, so tiling can now start. We discussed the positioning of the faucet on the bathtub, and it turns out it needs to be placed on the side rather than at one end or the other. This threw me rather - I commented that I'd need to amend my visual image of the typical bath - but I agreed to it as I could see the functional need to have it where the architect placed it.

This morning I had my second discussion in two days on the subject of grout. I kept to yesterday's decision to have the grout for the kitchen floor made the "Classic Bone" color. Who knew there were so many possible decisions in the world?

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