Friday, February 5, 2010

No more trenches

At least not in the back yard. I went out and came back two hours later; and by the time I did, the dissipator, the gravel and the massive trench had all disappeared. The smaller trenches in the back yard are also filled and compacted. We still have a small trench open in the front, but I think that'll be gone by the end of the day. The rain monsooned down yesterday afternoon/evening, so it was lucky that the drainage guys were able to make such good progress beforehand.

In other news, the office/laundry addition walls have been insulated and the sheet rock (that's similar to plaster board, for our British readers)has been delivered. It may be that the bedroom/bathroom addition is in a similar state of insulation, but I can't get into that area when the workers are there (because of Elf and Safety), and I can't get in there when they aren't (because it is all closed up), so I can't report definitively one way or the other.

The kitchen walls have been primed. The cabinets have all been installed except for the one which takes the microwave oven (there was some drywall patching that needed to dry), and the supporting plywood has been installed for the countertop. Site Supervisor II and I went over some final points about the countertop corners this morning.

All the sliding doors have been delivered. The guys have run out of places to put stuff, so I said they could store them in our half of the family room; with the result that when we watched TV last night, the sofa was pushed forward and we were sitting rather close to the screen! But we'll live....

Heavy rain is forecast for the weekend and into next week. It's dry today so there is the usual level of frantic activity around the Cardboard Box.

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