Thursday, December 10, 2009

More rain, mysterious progress

After two days of cold and frost, we have rain again today. The builders are currently here banging away on both sides of they house. I took a look after they'd gone yesterday and honestly couldn't tell you what they've been doing. But they've been hammering away with enthusiasm the whole time, so I guess they've been doing something.

The new bathroom area is framed inside the house, incorporating what used to be the closet area and the old bathroom. It looks smaller than I expected...but then things seem to look larger again after the sheathing is put on. (Hubby and I had a long conversation in bed last night about whether internal walls are sheathed or not. I don't think they are - I don't think the sheetrock, which is the US equivalent of plaster board, counts as sheathing. I suppose we'll find out.)

It occurred to me yesterday that we haven't seen The Site Supervisor for a week. I wonder why. A question to ask at the site meeting this morning. Now I must stop and look over yet more kitchen cabinet plans.

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