Friday, December 18, 2009

The Rime of the Ancient Renovator

There was an ancient renovator,
and he stoppeth one of three:
"Pray listen to my story
Of choosing countertops" quoth he.

I travelled down to Sunnyvale,
I went into the store.
"Show me all your Caesarstone"
I said "And nothing more."

The woman coughed into her hand
And said "Here it is to see;
But there is also Europe Stone
and Zodiac and Corian
And wood cut from a tree."

I cried "Hold fast! Tempt me not!
Lead me not astray!
I came to look at Caesarstone
That's why I came this way."

And so we spent a happy hour
Peering at small tiles
And holding up a maple door
Tutting, sighs and smiles.

At last we walked out from the store
A list clutched in my hand.
Two stones we'd chose and only one
Was Caesarstone, of course.

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