Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Saga of the Kitchen

Confusion reigns. We naively thought that we had selected cabinet stain color, floor tile, and made a good stab at the countertop. Now we learn that we can't have the cabinet color we had chosen unless we move from alder to maple for the wood, which will add some $4,000 to the price. If we stick with the alder, then we think the floor tile may look a bit anaemic. We also wonder if a dark countertop would work. Our Architect thinks the light Caesarstone ("Oyster") that we'd selected as an alternative would look ok, quite 1950s in fact, but that it might look too washed out overall with light cabinets and floor.

Yesterday the cabinet guys were meant to drop off door samples for us to take the the countertop viewing. They didn't do that. Today they did drop off the door samples, but they didn't leave the stain samples, so we have nothing to work on. We have friends coming in from the UK on Monday, and we just don't want to spend lots of time on this now. I hauled Hubby out of the office on Friday afternoon to look at countertops, and I can't keep doing that. We are now under time pressure to make these decisions. The reason for that is the way everyone was dragging their feet on the Great Corian Countertop Reuse Question.

Today I spoke to Achilles twice and also the Architect. We also took the door samples and Caesarstone samples to a party this evening, and solicited opinions from our friends. They voted for the alder; but of course we aren't quite sure what color that would be for real.

Anyway, I'm fed up of the whole thing.

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