Thursday, December 17, 2009

Unexpected changes in personnel

No, I haven't traded in Hubby.

It seems that Site Supervisor has been moved onto another job, without Achilles or anyone else from Jim's Bunch telling us. That accounts for why I haven't seen him, or had him pop in for a chat for a while. Instead we will have the guy whom I thought was the head honcho for the framing subcontractor. Turns out that he is also a site supervisor with Jim's Bunch, whose trade expertise is carpentry, hence the confusion over his role. He also didn't know my name until yesterday, when he admitted as much and we introduced ourselves to each other. He's only been here for three weeks or so working on the framing. I asked why the change, and Achilles gave me a bit of flannel about efficient organization. I silently wondered if Site Supervisor was the fall guy for the not-perpendicular-house mistake.

Shucks, this unexpected change in personnel is causing havoc with my blog's dramatis personae... I think I shall imaginatively call him "Site Supervisor II".

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