Sunday, December 6, 2009

Progress photos

I've finally got the camera software loaded on this new computer, so I can bring you new photos of current progress. Here (first photo) is a picture of our kitchen with the new dustwall built across it. Those readers with an intimate knowledge of our house will spot that the wall runs across the area where the dead drinks fridge lived, and also cuts across the windows on one side and half the sliding door on the other.

And here (second photo) is a photo from the other side of the wall. Note the white painted kitchen wall to the right of the photo with half the sliding door. The framed area is the end of the office, looking out to the side yard.

The white wall in photo 3 is what used to be the inside of our kitchen toilet (now nailed shut with plywood across it for insulation and security). This area will become the laundry room.

Here's a photo of the exterior showing the roof framing on the office/laundry in progress. Note the large blue tarpaulin. Jim's Bunch pulled off quite a large chunk of the roof over the course of the week, so we are hoping that the tarp is in the right place...

And one final photo: Our pool being drained in preparation for the remodel, which should start in the next few days.

Alas, it is now raining heavily, and due to rain for several more days. This will be good for the snow in Lake Tahoe, but not so good for the progress on our construction, I fear. We were also expecting the guys from Mr Hardscape's company to be out this week to demo the back yard, but I'm guessing that won't happen with lots of rain, because it will just turn the lot into a big mud bath.

Word from The Arborist: The permit for the Monterey Pine is signed off and the crane is booked for December 21. This is the first day of the kids' winter holidays, so they will be able to enjoy watching this massive tree coming down.

Still no sign of new neighbors next door.

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