Thursday, October 29, 2009

Archaeological excavations #3

Turns out that our former family room bathroom was built over an old concrete garden patio, with the result that there is no crawl space. The Architect is puzzled how this could ever have been allowed, but the upshot for us is that we need to have a crawl space created one way or the other in order to meet code now. This was discovered by the foundations guys breaking in through the exterior wall in preparation for creating the opening that would connect the new crawl space to the old crawl space. Er, no. Just a solid bit of concrete, madam. The family room definitely has a crawl space under it - there is a hatch in the floor - so the construction guys just have to work out how to traverse the five feet from one area to the other. Nice.

Other work in progress today includes the compacting of the dirt outside the dining room and where the office will be built. Clouds of dust. Lots of noise.

Other news: Our neighbors have sold their house.

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