Monday, October 26, 2009

It's an exhausting business

It truly is an exhausting business, this remodelling lark. At the start of Saturday, Deep Thought, Little Starlet and I spent 45 minutes at the local storage place doing our paperwork and trying to work out how the rolling door on our unit works.

Then we spent a good chunk of the day in the garage, pulling out stuff to Freecycle or sell, packing stuff in boxes and junking other things that we've been hoarding for far too long. I managed to Freecycle our old dining table and eight dining chairs (which had seen a lot of life - we brought them from Scotland in 1998, so they've moved continent and through several houses, plus enjoyed the attentions of many small sticky hands). I also got rid of my old bike - not ridden for 10 years - and more IKEA furniture. Though in Hubby's opinion, nothing compares to finding someone willing to take the bridge away.

On Sunday some friends came over to help us move our surplus gear into storage. Hubby had a truck that was far too big, but our 10x15 storage unit was just right. Our house is no longer quite so chaotic as it was, and my headache has gone away.

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