Monday, October 12, 2009

Goodbye to the Gazebo

So, today is day four - or is it day two? Well, whatever.

Jim's Bunch arrived at 8:00am sharp to demolish the mess down our side yard. Azmir and the crew spent over an hour trying to find the power source for the sauna. They eventually found it, disconnecting part of our house lights and our network connection in the process (so I'm writing this from a coffee shop, poor me). Out came the sledge hammers to bang away at the uprights, the woodworking instruments to pull off the trellis, and the plumbing tools to disconnect the water line to the broken hot tub. In the process, they managed to sever an irrigation pipe, so all the water had to be turned off.

So a great start.

But it's good to see it all going. Before and after pictures posted here.

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