Friday, October 9, 2009

Day One: The Fences Have Landed

We've been planning our remodel since the New Year, and it's finally here.

Yesterday we signed the contract with our construction firm (to be referred to as Jim's Bunch) and today the tree protection fences arrived. They were installed with much energy and a lot of noise by a team of four men. Some of the poles could go in by hand, others had to be driven in by an "air hammer". It was like a mini-pile driver.

We went out.

When we got back, we discovered that we could no longer go up our main front garden path, nor could we go into the back yard through the main side gate. I hope the meter reader has good eyesight, because he won't be able to get within six feet of the electricity meter. Luckily the fence was installed so that we can still get up to the front door: This looked touch and go on the plans, as the tree protection rules apparently call for 10 feet clearance from the trunk of the tree being protected...which would have pretty much stopped us using our front door. What fun!

Our next door neighbor has their house up for sale - they've moved away already. It's been on the market three weeks so far. I can only imagine how delighted the realtors are going to be when they arrive tomorrow morning.

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