Thursday, October 15, 2009

More teething troubles

So we had no action on Tuesday, and only minimal action yesterday. Azmir appeared about 10:30am and worked for a couple more hours on the gazebo. The other fun thing that happened yesterday was the City inspector came out to look at the tree protection and declared that it was insufficient. So the fence people have to come back on Monday and fix it. The fence around our lovely magnolia tree apparently does not extend far enough. When it's in the right place, I'm wondering how the builders will get any equipment in or out. Ah well.

Yesterday we also had a visit from our arborist. The big pine isn't covered by the original building permit, so we need to apply for an additional one. But the arborist thought it wouldn't be any trouble getting permission from the City to take it down. He reckoned the tree has just a couple of years left in it, and it's apparently riddled with some beetle too. We feel so blessed to have a 70 foot high dying pine tree four feet away from our house.

I'm still waiting for the guy to come and take away the free bridge.

And inside the house, today I have the piano movers coming to relocate our ole joanna from the family room to our bedroom. Little Starlet said with a cackle that she plans to practice every day at 6am. What a lovely alarm call that will be.

Before and after photos of the gazebo demolition, with tree "stump" exposed, posted above. Now what does the stump remind you of?

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