Friday, October 16, 2009

There's a Bob Cat in my Garden

This morning there's a maelstrom of activity in the side yard of The Cardboard Box. The construction crew pulled down the sad, crippled maple tree next to the kitchen so that the demo crew could get their equipment in. The brick BBQ has been demolished, the gazebo has finally gone, some of the brick pathing has been dislodged and, the really exciting bit that's happening in the background as I write, we have a man in a cowboy hat driving a Bob Cat with a big drill bit thing on the front (I think that's the technical term), knocking down the broken hot tub. I wish the kids were here to see it!

Photos, of course, and a little video of the Bob Cat in action. Unfortunately I can't get too close for Elf and Safety reasons, so it's away in the distance...

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