Monday, October 19, 2009

Blowing the roof off

We continue to make ourselves popular with the neighbors with our third day of "badoom, badoom, badoom"... "grrrrr".... "tackatackatacka"... in the side yard. Bob Cat Man is back with his drill bit, trying to get the pond out. It's a tenacious thing, clinging to the side of the house with a strength that can only have been designed to withstand nuclear explosion. Less koi carp pool, more bunker.

The wretched bridge is still outside on the drive. We are now on our fourth potential customer for that: The first couldn't lift it, the second never showed up, the third couldn't get it in her van. Number 4 is supposed to be here today. Tomorrow it will be heading to the landfill.

And speaking of the drive, our garage door stopped working. The construction guys are mystified, but have made it work by running an extension cable from an outlet. They suspect that the power was routed through an outlet that was on the fence next to the BBQ, and of course that was demolished on Saturday. "Unorthodox" is what our site supervisor called it.

The arborist finally came back to say that he will be here on Friday to remove the large cedar in front of the house. Until that has gone, the work on the foundations can't happen.
(Work gets started on the Family Room side of the house.)

The main action of the day is the demolition of the overhang between the kitchen and the dining room.

First of all they had to insert a heavy post to hold up the roof, now we have discovered that the original support is flapping freely in the wind. Since then there have been men up on the roof with circular saws and all kinds of scary tools.

Naturally it started raining again today, just in time for them to make an opening into the roof over the dining room. But the sun is shining right now.

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