Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hardboard House

The guys from the construction crew have finished ripping out the family room bathroom down to the uprights. All the sheet rock is gone and the bare bones of the room remain. Turns out that it was a pretty big space. Why didn't it ever feel that way when we were using it? Tearing out the wall surfaces reminds us that we are indeed living in a house made of hard board. Ok, it's not quite cardboard, but not far off. For those of us who grew up inside bricks and mortar, it's a flimsy shadow of a house. But best not to dwell on that; and it is good for earthquakes, which aren't too common in Quinton.

I had my weekly progress meeting with Achilles and The Architect today. All is going well. The interior demolition was brought up the schedule because the trees are still in the way, so the timings need to be moved around. The furnace and ductwork in the main part of the house is going to be replaced next week, so we will be without heat for a couple of days; but luckily the weather forecast is decent. A roofer will be inspecting the roof on Monday. The kitchen is going to be ripped out and replaced in the first week of January. We had some discussion about ripping it out between Christmas and New Year, when we'll be away for a couple of days, but it became apparent that "a couple of days" really meant "ten days", and I decided that being unable to feed our Christmas house guests wouldn't be the friendliest of gestures.

The Arborist is coming tomorrow to start tackling the trees, and everything is going very well.

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