Friday, March 26, 2010

Creeping Toward the Finish Line

This morning the hardscapers are outside on their hands and knees washing down the stone that they've laid so far. It really does look nice - I'm impressed by Damien's artistry and skill in getting it together just right.

Inside, the installer from California Closets arrived almost an hour early. He arrived with a plan for the interior of the closet that was wrong. I was able to find the correct one to give him. He didn't seem too fazed by that, so hopefully he carries enough of all the right bits in his truck for the installation to go correctly.

The cabinetry men are also here, going around the house looking at the minor issues in the office and kitchen, and delivering the TV cabinets. I gave careful instructions for the installation of the door pulls on the hallway cabinets this morning.

We don't seem to have any painters here today. They cleaned up most of the windows yesterday and the interior woodwork is pretty much finished. After much debate and several color brush-outs, I decided that we'd simply paint the walls of the guest bathroom Swiss Coffee, same as all the ceilings. I think there will be enough interest in that room with the tile and counter top to worry about the paint color! Our Architect noticed yesterday that the Vetrazzo deck on the tub is sticking out too far. It's a bit late to put that right without risking breaking the Vetrazzo - and that ain't cheap, though it wouldn't be for us to pay a second time - or having to pull out all the floor tile that has already been laid; so she came up with the idea of giving the sticking-out part a curved corner with the same radius as the corner tiles to eliminate the potentially dangerous point. As she commented, we'll just have a "more generous" tub deck than usual.

On Wednesday I ordered the bench cushion for the family room. It's going to be a single cushion, 108" by 27" and 3.5" deep, upholstered in purple (plum) fake suede. I'm picking up the purple accent from the guest bedroom. And I get to buy more cushions!

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