Saturday, March 6, 2010

Neighbor Troubles

We had our first encounter with an angry neighbor yesterday, which isn't bad since we've been on this project since October. Actually he was perfectly pleasant, but not happy. It's the new guy next door - who hasn't even moved in yet - and he'd noticed that a) our workers are walking through his yard to get to our work and b) the foundation for the garden wall has encroached on his property. Naturally I fell on my sword and apologized - I don't want to annoy the neighbor before he's even moved in! - and said we'd stop the walking (which I had only noticed yesterday too) and fix the concrete.

He said that they are in the permitting stage, and plan to get their work started in April. Just as we finish. Which also means that they'll be doing building work all through the summer. Nice.

On the subject of concrete, Hubby and I went out this morning to have an inspect, and we weren't at all sure that the area outside the bedroom door is correct. There is a large landing pad which doesn't seem to be on the plans. I hope they remembered to fix the solar heating pipes before laying the concrete, too. Just emailed the Landscape Designer to ask her to come and take a look this week before any work continues.

We also burst through the dust wall into the guest bedroom/bathroom. There's obviously a lot of detail work going on. The dresser is now installed. I wonder what is going to happen inside the closets?

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