Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Land of No Doors

The painters are hard at work on the door and window trim. They have carefully sanded everything - which took a whole day - creating lots and lots and LOTS of dust in the process. Then yesterday they painted the trim with primer. As a result, they could not reattach our doors. We are the doorless family. No bedroom doors. No bathroom doors. Last night was a pretty interesting experience. We particularly enjoyed the phone call from someone (a fool British person, no doubt) at 4:00am, and the sounds of Deep Thought "tip toeing" down the corridor to visit the bathroom twice within a few minutes.

Today we are still the People Without Doors. Hubby and I have a curtain over our open doorway, and the painters have also hung a similar "privacy sheet" across the hallway bathroom door; but the girls have no doors. This is likely to lead to ructions later. Little Starlet was away on a school camping trip yesterday, so she missed the first night of doorlessness; but she is now melting down.....

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