Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Landscaping Redux

The Landscape Designer was here this morning to meet with the Hardscaping Guy. So the landing pad outside the bedroom door is, indeed, incorrect. It wasn't actually a misreading of the plans, but a misinterpretation of local building code and an attempt to reconcile that with the plans, which resulted in a five inch gap between plans and reality.

The result is that the Hardscaping guys are currently demolishing their newly laid concrete along the side of the house, with the intention of putting in new forms that will raise the level up a few inches. The landing pad outside the bedroom door is also going to be filled in so that there is no step. I don't completely understand how this is all going to happen without creating another step somewhere else, but the Landscape Designer assures me it will all work out.

As a consequence, our front yard concrete won't be poured till Thursday :-( It's already better though: Even with yesterday's rain/hail, the fact that we now have the gravel bed down waiting for the concrete means that there are no large puddles or muddy holes to wade through.

In other landscaping news, the concrete blocks for the outdoor kitchen (what we Brits would call breeze blocks, but which apparently have no special name here) have been delivered into the back yard; and all the appliances for the BBQ have also arrived on site.

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  1. Turns out that breeze blocks are called "CMUs". I'm not sure what that abbreviation stands for.