Monday, March 8, 2010

Down to the Detail

There was a fair amount of activity around the Cardboard Box today, despite the rain, but nothing very photogenic to offer. We have now reached the stage in the project where most of the labor is going on detailed finish work. The nice thing about this is it is relatively quiet and unobtrusive. One of the guys was installing base boards (skirting boards to my British readers). Another was on the exterior window trim, which they are now able to get to because of the lovely concrete in the back yard. A third was fiddling with interior doors.

The tile for the bathroom has arrived and I have taken some so we can choose appropriate paint colors. We're probably going to to for an off-white in the bathroom, a lavender in the bedroom, and a pale grey in the family room. The living room is currently a sage color. I don't think repainting it is in the scope of work, but I imagine we'll get round to redoing it, or it will look yukky next to the rest of the rooms. If we do, we plan to keep it a similar color, which comes across as fairly neutral without being dead boring.

Outside, the forms have been constructed for the front yard concrete. Over the weekend we raised the issue of the landing pad outside the guest bedroom. It isn't as drawn on the plans and there seems to be some confusion about what is needed to meet the building code. Needless to say, the confusion is not with Jim's Bunch, but with the hardscaping crew. Our Landscape Designer will be here tomorrow to view and consult. We were supposed to be getting lovely concrete in the front yard tomorrow, but this discussion is likely to lead to a day or so delay. The rain/hail doesn't help either.

In good news, Site Supervisor II announced that the remaining exterior doors would be arriving on site tomorrow afternoon. This is the last remaining piece of the construction puzzle. When they are in place, everything is built, and we just need the finishing to be done (both inside - doors, cabinets, floors - and outside - completion of weep screed and new stucco where the old was cut).

The end is definitely in sight.

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