Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our new sculpture garden

The hardscape is coming along very well now, no mud or big holes. The CAT and other diggers have gone away. The hardscape guys are now in the stone laying phase. They spent the whole day on Friday laying the stone out into piles in the back yard. All very sculptural. We feel like an installation from the modern art museum.

They also managed to mortar in about eight stones. Clearly this is going to take some time to complete, as each stone has an individual depth, not always even, which needs to be matched to the stones around it so there is no tripping hazard. Clearly a pretty tricky job.

The front courtyard wall has been constructed out of "CMUs" (breeze blocks) and waits for its concrete in-fill and stucco covering. The back retaining wall under the redwoods is also complete. Our bricklayer was an Irishman called Damien. I commented to Jim that this was a bit of a cliche, but he didn't understand. Obviously you had to be British to get it.

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