Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Rainy Day, Good for Drilling

Nothing happening outside the Cardboard Box today because of the rain. The back yard is a little puddley, but comfortingly flat. The front yard is still a battlefield. Site Supervisor II had to walk through the mud to put the tree protection fence back up (after the landscaping crew had taken it down - dudes, it's meant to stay there to protect the tree! Duh...) and his boots were caked with inches of sticky mud. Nice.

Inside the house, things are also fairly quiet today, but there is still activity. I can hear some thumping from the bedroom/bathroom addition. The guys have put up the framing for the new closet doors in the master bedroom (and have produced a pretty nasty smell in the process. I guess there must be some glue.) and they are drilling away on something in the laundry area. The pocket door framing is sitting there invitingly, waiting for someone to pay it some attention.

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