Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wednesday is the one day of the week I can guarantee to be out for a big chunk of time. I volunteer at a literacy program in a local school; then I usually go out for lunch. My lovely cleaning crew comes some time on a Wednesday, so my goal is to be out of the way.

Today I tutored three kids, then had lunch, then went to Target. I got home at 1:45pm. The house was very full of people. In fact, there were people in every room. The cleaners were in the living room, kitchen and one of the bedrooms. The painters were in the dining room and family room. I was able to sneak into the bathroom for a brief "comfort stop", but after that I felt compelled to leave the house. I passed the time of day with Site Supervisor II, Damien the Hardscaper who is laying the patio stone, and with the Hardscaping Boss, but there's only so much chatting about Disneyland you can do.

So I ended up sitting on the doorstep in the sunshine. Not so bad, I guess.

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