Monday, March 29, 2010

Imminent Rain, Little Activity

The sky is black. The hardscaping crew has not come today, presumably because they are expecting rain.

There is a painter in the master bedroom painting the closet doors. I'm glad we didn't add more clothes to the closet over the weekend, as it is a little nerve-wracking having them painting next to our stuff.

We sent yet more exterior paint proposals off to Jim yesterday. We're getting greyer, rather than blue. Our Architect made the good point that the stuccoed wall for the courtyard will be painted in the same color, and if it is all a true blue, then it might be a bit much against the landscaping - a little overwhelming to the plant colors rather than forming a backdrop.

Senmet is outside adding more wood sheathing to the bedroom/bathroom extension in preparation for the wood siding. It is pretty noisy with the hammering. The phone meeting I'm doing at 11:00am should be interesting....!

In other news, I emailed the Santa Clara County Vector Control office yesterday asking for advice on what to do about standing water in the street. They took it upon themselves to come and take a look, which will have been disappointing for them as there isn't any water there at the moment. That's just too efficient - if they'd come tomorrow, after rainfall today, they'd have seen several feet of water. And in my message I did say there wasn't any water at the moment, but that I was looking ahead to the irrigation run off situation in the summer. Ah well. But the man did say (in a phone message) that if we have standing water for two weeks or more, then we should tell the city and the city should put it on their schedule for repair. So that's good to know.

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